"Many thanks to Mr. Danny Waizman for helping me achieved my life dream. It is his passion for aviation, incredible amounts of knowledge and experience that makes him a great instructor. I encourage everyone that wants to be a part of aviation to contact 2BAPilot NYC Flight School And Aircraft Rental."
- Paul

"Many Thanks to Danny Waizman, Chief Flight instructor at 2BAPilot NYC Flight School for helping me acheiving my dream. Private, Instrument, Commercial in about 6 months and later went on to get my CFI."
- Rohan

There are few, if any jobs in which ability alone is sufficient also needed are LOYALTY, SINCERITY, ENTHUSIASM, & TEAMSPIRIT.
- Wiliam B. Given Jr.

It was a great experience and Danny was a very down to earth guy. I loved the experience.

We really had a great time and enjoyed logging our first official flight hours. :)

Bought this for a friend's birthday! We had a great time. Danny was purely entertaining. Great first time experience. I just wish the additional fuel costs had been mentioned on the Groupon. There was no mention whatsoever on the Groupon and we ended up paying 30 per head for furl. But overall a great experience.

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Introduction 2BAPILOT


You probably have a driver's license issued by your state government. The federal government governs pilot privileges and requires specific flight experience, a knowledge test (formerly known as a written test), and a practical (flight) test to earn a pilot's license (called a certificate). The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulates civil aviation and is an agency within the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Most people believe airplanes are to be ridden in as a passenger rather than flown as a pilot. In contrast, when you see a nice automobile, you usually project yourself into the driver's seat and imagine yourself driving the automobile. We want you and others to do the same with airplanes. Imagine yourself in the left seat as the pilot. Try it; it's fun: Imagine yourself flying the airplane as the pilot when you see airplanes.

Flying an airplane is more complex than driving a car because you are controlling altitude (up and down) in addition to left-right movement. It is also more exhilarating than driving because you have the freedom of three-dimensional movement, greater speed, and spectacular panoramas. Flying provides lifelong satisfaction and pride.

It's fun to learn to fly and earn a pilot certificate. Many people might consider learning to fly beyond their capability or budget, but it is not as difficult, time consuming, or expensive as generally believed.


  • 1. Purchase the study material (private pilot kit).
  • 2. Prepare for and pass the FAA Pilot Knowledge Test (60 multiple-choice questions for private).
  • 3. Obtain a student pilot certificate in conjunction with a routine medical exam given by an FAA-approved doctor for a private certificate.
  • 4. Select a flight instructor.
  • 5. Complete your flight training by utilizing (private pilot kit).
  • 6. Pass an FAA flight test consisting of 47 pre-specified tasks for private.


Getting a student pilot certificate is one of the first steps toward earning a private pilot certificate.

You must be at least 16 years of age to receive a student pilot certificate. Individuals desiring a private pilot certificate must undergo a routine medical examination that may only be administered by FAA-designated doctors called aviation medical examiners (AMEs). An AME will issue you a student pilot certificate after your medical exam (private pilot certificate only).

Note: A student pilot certificate must be obtained before you are allowed to fly solo.

A third-class medical certificate is valid for 5 years if the date of the examination was before your 40th birthday, or 2 years if the date of the examination was on or after your 40th birthday.

Visit www.2bapilot.com or call our helpline (516) 662-8887 if you have questions.

Even if you have a physical handicap, medical certificates can be issued in many cases. Operating limitations may be imposed depending upon the nature of the disability.


Obtaining a pilot certificate allows you to fly an airplane and carry passengers and baggage. Although operating expenses may be equally shared with your passengers, you may not fly for "compensation or hire." The certificate is sent to you by the FAA upon satisfactory completion of your training program, a knowledge test, and a practical test. A sample pilot certificate is reproduced to the right.