" There are few, if any jobs in which ability alone is sufficient also needed are LOYALTY, SINCERITY, ENTHUSIASM, & TEAMSPIRIT."
- Wiliam B. Given Jr.

This qoute truly is the essence of Danny Waizman and his flight school.

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"Many Thanks to Danny Waizman, Chief Flight instructor at 2BAPilot NYC Flight School for helping me acheiving my dream. Private, Instrument, Commercial in about 6 months and later went on to get my CFI."
- Rohan

Words can not express how wonderful it is to be not only a 2bapilot employee, but part of a team that is headed up with the caliber people such as yourself.
- Tanvir

I am proud to be a part of 2BAPILOT.
- Udi

I thoroughly enjoy my Job working for 2BAPILOT.
- Sergio

I would give high marks for the efficient and seamless on ball at 2BAPILOT.
- Ed

I would like to thank you for giving me the oppportunity for a career at 2BAPILOT, it is a fascinating experience.
- Sabiee

"Many thanks to Mr. Danny Waizman for helping me achieved my life dream. It is his passion for aviation, incredible amounts of knowledge and experience that makes him a great instructor. I encourage everyone that wants to be a part of aviation to contact 2BAPilot NYC Flight School And Aircraft Rental."
- Paul

It was a great experience and Danny was a very down to earth guy. I loved the experience.

We really had a great time and enjoyed logging our first official flight hours. :)

Bought this for a friend's birthday! We had a great time. Danny was purely entertaining. Great first time experience. I just wish the additional fuel costs had been mentioned on the Groupon. There was no mention whatsoever on the Groupon and we ended up paying 30 per head for furl. But overall a great experience.